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Aston Horticulture Limited - About us

Within the content of our website you will find much of what you require to know about Aston's products, our organic way of growing healthy crops where root systems develop well, and edible crops can be produced without pesticide residues in a sustainable way and how plants and amenity areas can benefit from applying these products throughout the season.

Hugh Struth, the founder of Aston Horticulture Ltd, having spent many years in business and farming, including the chemical treatment of many crops, decided the time had come to grow crops in a natural way, producing good yields without pesticide residues with excellent flavour at an affordable cost.

Hugh spent three years in Research and Development of garlic and other natural products before bringing his first garlic product to the market in 2001.

From this initial product there are now a range of much advanced products that are more specific and suited to today's requirements.

At Aston Horticulture we continue to be inspired by the increasing demand for non-toxic natural products from amateur and professional growers alike.

The feedback and repeat business from many users has endorsed our belief that the products are the finest and most effective of their kind on the market today.

If you have questions about these products, or availability in your area please contact us.





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