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The Story of Garlic

Garlic evolved as a wild plant in Asia thousands of years ago. It is now found all over the world and is widely used in cooking for its unique flavour. Garlic also has a reputation as a curative for a number of medical problems

It has been taken therapeutically and nutritionally. Folklore attributes garlic with good luck and protection against evil. The smell was said to ward off werewolves, warlocks and - of course - vampires.

An Egyptian from 1,500 B.C. recommended garlic for 22 ailments. The Egyptians fed it to slaves building the pyramids to increase their stamina. In ancient Greece and Rome it was claimed to have more uses: repelling scorpions, treating dog bites and bladder infections, curing leprosy and asthma. In the Middle Ages it was thought to prevent the plague.

Beyond superstition, modern research has confirmed what our ancestors believed and practised for the health benefits of garlic.

Research in 1858, by Louis Pasteur, documented that garlic kills bacteria. During World War II, when penicillin and sulphur drugs were scarce, garlic was used as an antiseptic to disinfect open wounds and prevent gangrene.

The properties responsible for these medicinal effects are not clearly understood.

Recent research identifies hundreds of volatile sulphur compounds in the herb. Surprisingly, the way garlic is prepared appears to affect it's healing qualities.

We have based research on traditional ancient knowledge, to produce effective natural modern products, which act as plant bio-stimulant treatments and thus impart the benefits of garlic to crops and plants.





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