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Testimonials for Aston Horticulture Products 


Lettuce Grower

Martin Jones grows indoor flat lettuce & Little Gem for the supermarket and wholesale trade. Martin’s aim is to produce all year round lettuce that has a prolonged shelf life and good presentation on the supermarket shelves. In the late 90’s, in his search for improving growing techniques Aston Horticulture provided him with an alternative product which helped him to achieve his quest to use a non pesticide method of crop production. He was initially interested in our natural products such as Garlic Barrier because of problems with slugs and aphids in the glasshouses which were causing disfiguring of the lettuce and reducing yields. He still currently continues to use our products with great success. This year, Martin has introduced our new product Aston Garberry into his growing programme, applied through irrigation throughout the growing season from transplanting until harvesting. “The results have been very pleasing, producing an overall uniform, vigorous crop, without harvest interval being required, with no base rot, or slug or aphid infestation.”  Martin Jones - Rush , County Dublin

Martin Jones lettuce 200 x 133


Maximum Yield with a "Touch of Garlic"

"Like a touch of Magic from the clever clove" said Bernie Capell at Poolbank Nursery based in Humberside. Their annual cucumber production has reached record yields. As suppliers to the largest supermarket chain in the UK, Poolbank have to produce top quality products. For many years they have used garlic based products, Aston Anthyllis and Aston Garshield. Bernie handles a commercial growing site which generates three crops of cucumbers per year. The technique of using one product in the mixing cycle and another sprayed on virtually eliminated mildew without any chemical input, no chemical setback and harvest intervals reduced to zero. The staff are delighted as there are no health and safety issues with these products.  Bernie Capell at Poolbank Nursery



Fuchsias - Healthy, and totally pest free all year

I have used Aston Garshield on my show plants this year and have had some of the best plants that I have ever grown and shown, winning 'Best in Show' at 5 of the 6 specialist shows that I entered. From the initial rooted cutting until show day, all the show plants were sprayed once a week with Aston Garshield; no fungicides or insecticides were used at all, the plants have been strong, healthy, and totally pest free all year. The stock plants however, which had not been treated with Aston Garshield, suffered the usual problems and had to be chemically treated but never stayed completely clean for long. At the time of writing (the end of October), the plants that came back from the last show a month ago still look so good that I have delayed cutting them back; they have had no spray since before the show, but they remain disease and pest free with quality foliage and bloom colour. Mike Percival, Hill Farm, Colchester



Strawberry Grower

Bernie has for many years used garlic based products from Aston Horticulture and consistently produces excellent yields of high quality fruit. Bernie says: I have found the products easy to use and have achieved top yields in excess of 1kg per plant, with no taint or flavour from the products and no harvest interval. The crops are clean, free from disease and insect pest problems. The staff are delighted as there are no health or safety issues with these products. Bernie Capell, Poolbank Nursery

Bernie - Strawberries smaller 


Stubbins Marketing Ltd

Stubbins Marketing began using Aston’s products 6 years ago in growing their crops, initially on peppers and cucumbers then 3 years ago began using on tomatoes.On the pepper crops no chemical or corrective sprays are used and the results are very good.With tomato crops Richard uses weekly treatments of Anthyllis applied through the drip irrigation in the morning when the plants are thirsty, this is followed with regular spray treatments of Garshield.Richard said by sticking rigidly to a programme of application he has greatly reduced the reliance on any corrective sprays, and has had very good results, with a very small case of botrytis in only one variety and no mildew in the past 2 years. Richard Lewis Manager  at Stubbins Marketing.

Richard Lewis with tomatoes 2 - 200x267 




Aston products used by Glinwell

"At Glinwell we use Aston's Natural Products to enhance crop development and greatly reduce the reliance on pesticides."Rob Tooke (Glinwell)



Top English Growers using Aston products

Gwyn Roberts (Consultant Agronomist) pictured at Evesham Vale Growers showing tomatoes grown using Aston Anthyllis.

"Based on 10 years of using Aston Anthyllis in tomatoes grown by using Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), weekly additions of the product which is based on extract of garlic help maintain a clean and healthy root environment which enhances crop performance across a range of tomato varieties." Evesham Vale Growers


Aston Turf

Aston Turf has greatly reduced the amount of fungicide applications

“I Joined Droitwich Golf Club in 2008 and inherited very thatchy greens, and suffered very badly with outbreaks of fusarium. Introducing a good aeration regime and the use of Aston Turf has greatly reduced the amount of fungicide applications and have also increased the depth of rooting and the thickness of sward. The lower part of the course is on a flood plain and suffers quite badly with worm casts; the Aston Turf has also  helped to reduce this problem. I would be happy to recommend this product to anyone involved in sports care  management.” Gary Watkins, Head Greenkeeper, Droitwich Golf Club

Very pleased with the results

“I first started using Aston Turf in Autumn 2009 and have been using it ever since. I have experienced a lot less disease and seen a lot less worm casts. In my spare time I am an independent director to the IOG and advise local bowling clubs in the West Midlands, some of which have been using Aston Turf and have been very pleased with the results.” Mike Lewis, Head Groundsman, Express & Star

Big reduction in disease

“We have several sports pitches and suffer from leaf spot. I started using Aston Turf early in 2010 and have been very impressed with the results. We have had a big reduction in disease and have noticed a thickness in the sward and healthier roots.” Keith Porter, Head Groundsman, Leigh Sports Village

Use of Aston Turf Garlic Spray

I just had to express our satisfaction in the effects of your Aston Turf garlic spray on our green. We had extensive fusarium problem on our bottom green. It's an annual problem, but this year it seemed much worse that we could ever remember. Probably due to the snow lying on the green over winter. Some older members claim that we have had the problem, in much the same areas on the green, for many years. I must admit, when you suggested it, I was extremely sceptical about the use of garlic. Shock! Horror! I have to eat my words. After three two-weekly applications the problem has all but disappeared. The grass is recovering well and the green is looking great.  We shall continue to apply the Aston Turf garlic spray throughout the season, at four-weekly intervals as you advise. What we really hope is that we can tackle the problem and not just the symptoms. We hope that next year we may have a much smaller area of infestation (or fingers crossed, none at all!).  As a side effect, we have had no problems with vampires or werewolves either!
Many thanks for all you help and advice. We shall be looking at the more natural products from now on. Best regards, Sid Weston, Chairman, Springvale BC






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