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The Turf Product


Aston Horticulture product that is benefical and recommended for healthy resilient turf

The following product can be used as a system of growing turf.


Aston Turf ®Garlic Spray

Aston Turf is a natural sulphur and selenium rich extract of garlic, concentrated and biodegradable. When applied in a programme of treatments it stimulates growth, prevents damage from nematodes, gives vigour to turf grass, resists the adverse effects of stress and assists in optimising fertilisation. Regular application of Aston Turf encourages resistance to pests and diseases and creates a healthy sward.

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Aston Rabitof ®

Aston Rabitof is an effective and efficient natural barrier that encourages resistance to rabbits deer pigeons geese etc. It is ideal for use in agricultural and horticultural crops especially during early establishment when high levels of sulphur and selenium are required. It is also suitable as a barrier against vermin/pests on golf course greens, nursery stock and general amenity areas including parks and gardens, playing fields and conservation areas.

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